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This means, all posts can only be read if you are a member of this community. Please read all the rules before joining and posting anything. Below is your warning/explanation for any deleted posts or bans.

Note to potential members with brand new livejournals: If you aren't accepted within 24 hours of clicking 'Join' on this page, please check your lj inbox! You may need to reply to a moderator message. (If you don't have messaging turned on and don't have any open lj entries, please leave a comment at fm_moderation.) This is all you will have to do to join.

This community is for helping people find scanlations, raws, or just scans and manga on the net. Scanlations are fan-translated manga which you can download for free and read from your computer. Be sure to check this list to see what others have shared here. You can search MangaUpdates for a more general listing of what scanlations are out there.

If you need an unzipping program for files like .zip or .rar, you may search the net or download 7zip or WinRar. Mac users should look for Stuffit Expander or The Unarchiver.

This is not the correct comm for posts about anime or live action series/movies.


1. Follow the necessary posting and subject line formats. Those posts that do not will be deleted, ↓SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE↓ to read the Posting Guidelines and Format.

2. When sharing manga please indicate the title, genre (shoujo/shounen/yaoi/yuri/etc.) and a short synopsis, if possible. Add the same information for the tags (below the "Mood" textbox when posting an entry). More complete tagging guidelines are here. Files may include, but are not limited to: scanlations, scans, raws, doujinshi, and artbooks. When requesting and discussing a specific manga series or general topic, make sure you add a proper subject line and tags. Please keep non-advertisement* repeat posts (repeating your own request own for the same title, a second post of your same question, etc.) to a once a week - so if you've asked if anyone has scanlated a certain title on the 5th of a month, you may ask again on or after the 12th. Note that if you get no response, yet continue to repost weekly, it's within the mods' discretion to request that you stop.
*Repeat advertisement posts should be kept to a once-a-month occurrance.

3. Keep posts on-topic. Please avoid posting entries that are not related to manga scanlations. Accepted topics: scanlations, raws, scans, miscellaneous download-related guides, how/where and on what to read manga, and recommendations or discussions/questions. Not accepted: posts about books, anime, television series or movies. Off-topic posts will be deleted without prior notice.

4. NO unrelated advertising, NO money-making. This includes: posts about non-scan/scanlation-related communities, "for sale" manga or other merchandise, links that earn a user money or ads for websites unrelated to manga scanlations/scans/raws. Please note: You will permanently lose your posting access for using money-making links.

5. Before requesting a series, check if it has been shared before and if the links still work. Use the tag index page to see.

6. Sanctions for breaking rules: having your posting access temporarily or permanently removed, to being banned from the community's membership.

7. PUBLIC POSTS will be deleted as soon as a mod sees it.

8. Some groups/scanners do not allow their projects to be shared in the community. Some only allow it after a period of time (usually three days). When we have a personal request that a project not be shared within the community, the moderators will abide by that request and posts or comments sharing such projects will be deleted. Instead of reuploading and redistributing, please direct users to the scanlator's web site. Currently, Fushichou, Attractive Fascinante, Love and Voice, Fantasy Shrine and Dragon Voice releases fall under this rule. Liquid Passion/Biblos Eros and Club Vogue have specifically asked that you do not share their licensed projects here. (Note: Most groups have similar rules when it comes to US-licensing, but quite frankly, the free-manga maintainers are just volunteers and cannot track every licensed manga.) We've also been contacted by the GUILT | PLEASURE doujinshi circle asking we not make those works available here in any language.


1. Requests - when you're looking for a specific title or mangaka
Before requesting any form of manga (scans/raw/scanlations, etc.) please help yourself by searching through popular manga hosting or rotation sites or you may check if it's been shared before. The community has a tag index page for our own archives. Even when requesting, please add tags so uploads made to request posts can be searched. Tag guidelines can be read here. Make sure your request has not been made recently before posting a new entry. Please put this in the subject of your post:

[Request] - TITLE by AUTHOR

2. Sharing - when you have links to post
Before sharing any form of manga (scans/raw/scanlations, etc.) please check the tag index page in case it has been uploaded by another person recently and if those links are still working. Don't forget to add TAGS. Tag guidelines can be read here. Please put this in the subject of your post:

[Sharing] - TITLE by AUTHOR

3. Discussions or Questions - discussions about manga/ka or "what manga/artist is this?"
You may discuss or ask questions about manga, a series, characters, opinions, etc. This also includes any help you may require from others in identifying a manga title or series. Please add discussion or question to your tags (no other tags are required on these posts). Tag guidelines can be read here. The subject should be in this format (just choose if it would fall under Discussions or Questions):

[Discussion] - Subject or Topic
[Question] - Subject or Topic

4. Recommendations - looking for general recs within a genre, or for something similar to another manga
You may ask for manga recommendations in this community. Please add recommendations to your tags as well as the topic of your discussion (i.e. genre, etc.). Tag guidelines can be read here. The subject should be in this format:

[Recommendations] - Subject or Topic

5. Advertisements - for announcing other comms or sites
Scanlation/scans/raws-related communities may be advertised, as long as it is not done repeatedly (more than once a month). Please add the !advertisment tag to any entries.

[Advertisement] - Subject or Topic